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Think Hiring A Good Roofer is Too Expensive? Try Hiring A Cheap one!

This Flat TPO roof was only 2 years old when a 60 mile per hour wind gust ripped the membrane off the roofs deck. This building owner thought he had solved his roofing problem for the next 15-20 years, but only 2 short years later he is faced with the same problem again. In our industry trust is all we have. Our name is our brand and taking a chance can cost you big. 

Texas is one of the only states that does not require a roofer to be licensed or carry insurance. When a storm hits hundreds of silver tongue salesman slither in from all over the United States. These men have one intention, to collect your insurance check. Storm chasers deceive through the use of inferior products, using inexperienced day laborers or flat out by taking your check and hitting the road.


State licensing programs not only test comprehensive knowledge of a particular trade but they require the applicant to take business ethics classes. When we applied for our Texas Mold Remediation Contractor's license the process of obtaining this included: stringent background checks, certification classes, state tests, business ethics classes, annual insurance verification, and re-certification every 2 years. Until we have this same legislation for roofing, it is your burden to make sure your contractor possesses all of these characteristics.  

Your North Texas Roof Repair Hero

This Dallas business owner had a fire in his store, we were out within 1 hours and had a repair in the works the next day. (not our whiteboard repair!)

Custom made Dura-Last enclosure with a 5 year Dura-last warranty from the manufacture. Our customer couldn't have been more pleased.

The 24-7 Restoration Difference

North Texas is a hail haven; we are hit with storms year after year. Storm chasers are packed and ready to head here after the first major sign of damage. They are beating your door down within a matter of 6-12 hours. Did you know there are companies that earn a living knocking doors and setting leads for other companies? They do not screen the contractors they work for, and if the check clears then they are coming to work. 

24-7 Restoration is your local family-owned roofing and construction company.  Our company has been on every insurance preferred contractor program in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. After carefully evaluating the legitimacy of the local carrier's internal practices and ethics we now only work with a select few insurance companies in North Texas. As for the rest of the bloodsuckers(insurance companies) that take your insurance premiums and hide under their shield when its time to pay, we now help educate home and business owners on how to get their own fair insurance settlement. It is illegal to profit from your insurance claim but it should be illegal for the insurance companies to run their denial/underpayment scam. 24-7 Restoration is here to help get your storm damage covered in full; we are here to show you how to make your insurance company do the right thing. 

We are:

-Your trusted local company that doesn't require money to get started. 24-7 Restoration wants to prevent you from falling prey to a shady salesman that intends to con you. When you work with 24-7, you pay when we finish! 

-An experienced storm restoration contractor with a dedicated roofing crew. Don't hire a jack of trades to install your roof, our roof crew installs an average of 275 roofs per year! Our guys are quality craftsmen in the art of roofing.

-Background screened employees. Feel confident knowing who is in your home or business.

-Quality roofing materials on every job. Quality matters in the roofing industry includes underlayment, shingles, roof boots, flashings, and the quality of adhesives used on your flashings and accessories. The correct manufacture approved adhesive is one of the most commonly overlooked items used on your roof. The wrong adhesive will fail and cover the real problem, call a pro to avoid the confusion. 

-Non prorated material and labor warranties from 5-30 years. Warranties from other roofs are deceiving. Make sure you understand if your roof warranty applies to materials, labor, or both. Make sure to check when your materials begin the pro-rated warranty period from the manufacture. Pro-rated warranty means that they manufacture will pay for the value remains in your shingle once you discover the problem. If you are already into another roof or it has been recently replaced we can still help you stay on top of inspections and ensure that we catch any problems before they are out of warranty. Think of us as your roof guardians.

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