Commercial Roofing

Licensed, Insured, and Certified to handle your roof.

Commercial roofing systems are finicky. Essentially, its a giant rubber or plastic pool on your roof. It needs to be regularly inspected by a flat roofing professional that knows what damage to look for. We know exactly how to find a pin hole leak or 1/2 heated TPO membrane joint. Hail damages the back of commercial roofing membranes and can lead to much bigger issues. The rusted roof you see is an example of a roof tear off where 2 pieces of decking had been removed. The surrounding decking is rust and was replaced due to deterioration.

A Satisfied Commercial Client

In spring of 2019 Danny had a storm roll in and severely damage his commercial property. Luckily, we were able to come out and make a great connection with him! We took action to temporarily fix his issues while we worked tirelessly with his insurance company, and in less than a month we had his new roof installed. Schedule your free commercial roofing inspection now!