Best Roofing Upgrades In DFW

With 5000+ roofing contractors in Dallas-Fort Worth it can be difficult to choose the best one for your home or business. We have some clear benefits over a typical roofing company!

If you haven't read our other section on how roofing contractor cut corners please see that section when you can. Lets assume you have found residential roofing company that was willing to take your roof down to the yellow decking, the is the lowest requirement for a roofing contractor but still is step 1. Next, you will want to make sure that you are getting a quality product. These are the items your roofing contractor should be doing for you, these are indicative of a quality roofing company. Dont let substandard roofing companies touch your home if they don't do this:

NO GAF Shingles

GAF makes a great lifetime shingle and a great TPO commercial roof but their 30 year shingles are the bottom of the barrel. They last an average of only 8 years in Texas.

Ice & Water Shield

Ice & Water shield is a self adhering asphalt product that goes in alleys and at flashings to add an extra layer of leak protections. These tuns an average of $300-500 a roof in material cost alone.

Fix Other Damage

When we roof, we fix little items that most roofers take the "not my problem" mentality on. When we see items like rotten wood on a chimney, we replace it. Insurance companies usually don't pay us for these items but we feel it is necessary to give an honest warranty on your roofing system.

INSURNACE COMPANIES DO NOT COVER THESE ITEMS- Which is why roofing companies don't give this to you. We figure for what we can get your insurance to over and we upgrade you with the rest.

Class 4 Impact Resistent Shingle

If you found a company that's willing to fight your insurance and get these items covered then you are dealing with a top 1% company. These are a few other item you may want to consider!

Mountain Ridge

Mountain ridge is 3x the thickness of a standard ridge cap and adds extreme turn appeal to your home.

Class 4 IR

IR singles are strong shingles that resist hail better & longer. They also lower your insurance premiums!

Premium Class 4

These Class 4 shingles are Class 4 and give a sophisticated slate or tile look to your roof.