Class 4 Asphalt Shingles

If you drive around north Texas during the summer you are likely to encounter one of more then 100 houses that gets re-roofed. No summer is not roof season but it happens that most company work more when the weather is warmer. Why do so many roofs get replaced? Most roofing companies sell the most basic roofing product. Competition is tough here in texas with more than 5,000 unlicensed roofing companies working day in and day out. With so many companies out there you need to make sure that you" find a company that works for you". Check out How roofers cut corners for more info.

When you find a quality roofing company **AHEM..... We don't mess around with inferior resiendtial roofing products like recycled felt paper or GAF Standard laminated shingles. If you care about your property then we would recccomend taking a look at CLASS 4 SHINGLES.

Why Install A Class 4 Shingle

3 Tab also known as 25 year shingles are small and rectangular. These are the cheapest asphalt shingle you can install on a roof and they are also the easiest to damage.

Laminated shingles or 30 years shingles are the new norm for standard roof coverings. In Texas these roofs will last 12-16 years on average. Although these shingles are rated to last 30 years, poor ventilation and Texas storms have a large effect on the longevity of these roofing materials.

Class 4 shingles, also know as lifetime shingles have not only a longer lifespan but also a higher tolerance level for the Texas weather. Roofing companies don't install these because they feed the mentality of continuing to replace these roofs on a 8-16 year life cycle. The 4,999 cheap roofers in the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex are what help keep the call rolling in.

What Makes A Certainteed Class 4 Impact Resistent Shingle:

  1. Two layers of quality fiberglass reinforced matting
  2. Resistance to the UL 2218, steel ball drop test
  3. Inclusion of SBS rubberized polymers mixed into the asphalt mix that actually makes the shingle more flexible and impact resistent then an average composition shingle.

A Look At Hail Damage

Metal Roofing Discount
  • Standing seam metal roof panels offer a good impact rating against hail. Standing seam roofs are not ideal in appearance for all homes but many insurance companies will offer a class 4 discount for a roof covered in 26 gauge standing seam panels.
  • Stone coated steel is a more ideal roof covering choice. Not requiring the same framing upgrades as a tile roof, stone coated steel roofing panels are light weight and give the same look as concrete or clay roofing tiles. Stone coated roofing tiles cost approximately 2.5x as much as a standard asphalt shingle roof. The value added to a home from these metal roof tiles increases the day they are installed and more then pay for themselves in insurance discounts increased home value.

Is Class 4 Right For you?

Contact 24/7 Restoration today and let us help you find the right class 4 roofing material for you. We are dedicated to your complete satisfaction and we can even help you research with your insurance agent and relator to the calculate your return on investment!