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We truly enjoy helping people get back on their feet again after a major disaster. We want to help your space get to a better place.

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Roof Maintenance Plan 

How Do I Maintenance A Roof?

There is nothing we like more then restoring life and value back into your home. Properly maintaining your roof can add many extra years and will prevent costly leaks. The average small drywall patch cost about $400 before paint and your small roof leak can quickly turn into a large paint project. The older the paint, the harder it will be to match. 

In the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex we are in the epicenter of the United States hail belt. The older your roof gets the more susceptible it will become to hail and wind damage. 


By preforming yearly maintenance you can stay ahead of leaks and eliminate the risk of  hidden mold. A well maintained roof is a solid investment and our maintenance plan is designed to only be needed every 3-5 years for houses with minimal trees. Homes with many trees and foliage may require a bit more upkeep to prevent algae build up and damming that can lead to serious leaks. 

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