What We Do For Property Management Companies

Right : Is a photo from a local hotel with a discontinued tile covering the perimeter wall. These ludowici roof tiles are original to the building. From the ground you can not tell that the tiles are broken and not correctly shedding water.

Commercial leak Repair
This 1 year old TPO roof located in Richland Hills, Texas was poorly installed by a storm chaser. It began leaking from 12 areas and required re welding of the seams.
Property managers can be overwhelmed. If you have an older property or a whole portfolio of older properties it can be daunting to maintain these properties let alone a roof that no one thinks about until it leaks. The cold fact is that by the time you can spot a commercial roof leak, the damage is done. it is too late. Leaks come from 3 things.
1. improperly flashed or improperly installed roof membrane
2. old age. as your roof breaks down and lacks proper maintenance it will start to leak
3. Storm damage. Remember when the maintenance guy jumped on the roof and saw "all good" , well he actually missed the fact that your 25 year old tar and gravel roof has the parapet walls torn to shreds and you were actually eligible for a replacement....OUCH. A $200-300K roof that could have been paid in full by insurance.

Managing properties is tough and managing something that is too tall to get to such as a co Mercia roofing system is usually put of the questions.

we can help you maintain your properties and look good to your supervisor. Would you clients fo business with you if you were able to save them $200,000 per property that they own? 

How we help maintain your property.
Yearly roof inspections- thorough inspections to check for leaks and small punctures in common areas.

Free Maintenance- Reseal all flashings or potential areas for leaks. Patch as needed. Clear roof of debris and check functionality of drains.

Impeccable inspection reports each year which include thermal leak detection images at no charge. Dont trust a roofer to tell you when you have a leak, this restoration company will show you first hand.
24-7 Restoration has the experience to extend the life of your roof to its full potential. Don't let an inexperienced roof repair man get on your roof until you have a qualified restoration company inspect your asset.