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Commercial roofing systems are finicky. Essentially a giant rubber or plastic pool on your roof. You should try to keep people off of it and after any servicemen preform cable/ electrical/ securty/ ect., it needs to be inspected by a flat roofing professional that know how to look for damage. If you can't tell me how to find a pin hole leak or 1/2 heated tpo membrane joint, you should not be "assessing" a commercial system. Hail damages the back of commercial roofing membranes and most so called roofer have no idea how to find unobvious damage.

Each time one of these roofing imposters inspects or repairs your roof, they actually hurt your chance at having damage covered through insurance. You may be guilt of a few tar-tube repairs and whether or not you knew the roofer cut a corner it will be you that has to suffer the detrimental phrase "improper repair" when you try to file a leak claim.

We are a restoration company that functions more as a severe weather scientist. Can your roofer tell you what the wind uplift on a 4 foot parapet wall is with an average wind speed of 60 miles per hour, because we can. Our reports are backed with facts and bring you a real solution to your roofing problems. With 24-7 Restoration caring for your roof and your property, you will have accurate yearly reports that pinpoint storm damage as it occurs.

We use science and infared technology to document your roof. When a storm causes a leak, we will be there with attack of yearly reports for you to provide to your insurance. Our method is one of a kind and we have excellent results.

TPO/ Modified bitumen/ EPDM roofing systems should be free of standing water within 48 hours after rain fall. Water that accumulates on your roofs surface will eventually turn into to a roof leak as gravity takes its toll. The suns harmful UV rays will prematurely wear down roofing membranes.

24-7 Restoration specializes in Mod Bitumen, EPDM, TPO, and PVC roofing memebranes.

How long will a commercial tpo or flat roof last, can depend greatly on how well you maintenance your flat roof. If you treat your commercial roof like a 2 week old bag of bagels (and forget about it), then you are asking for trouble down the road.

We like to put eyes on your tpo roof once a year to inspect for vandalism, storm damage, and potential leaks. Byh doing so we have found that a small patch here and there can cost a couple hundred rather then a couple thousand.

A custom care plan can be made depending on the use of your facility. For instance if your have a lot of foot traffic for a restaurant roof or hospital roof then we would reccomend that your roof has service walk pads installed anywhere that a careless serviceman is likely to step.

With our proper care and maintenance plan we guarantee to extend the life of your commercial roof by 10-20% which equates to up to 5 extra years that you don't not have to replace to roof on your facility.

Not all commercial roofing systems require a replacement right now.... but sometimes it is advantageous to replace when your insurance will foot the bill.
Below is a roof tear off where 2 pieces of decking have been removed. The surrounding decking is rust and will need to be replaced due to deterioration.