Everyone "has a roofer" but whose roofer "has them"? In Dallas Fort Worth we have over 5000 roofers they are literally a dime a dozen. You buy a big lifted truck and a hammer then you are a Texas roofer. Most of these "companies" call out any damage they can to file an insurance claim then hope for the best. 10 years in the business and we have learned that home and insurance inspectors still do not understand what a roof requires to be functional. Just because some handyman was willing to glue a few shingles together doesn't mean it was done the right way. At 24-7 Restoration we are all about doing your roof or project the right way.

There are three kinds of roof contractors: #3 you have a storm chaser which you should trust as far as you can throw. #2 are your roofers that can put on a roof but don't know squat about handling an insurance claim properly. Can you imagine if your doctor did not knw how to submit your insurance documents properly? The results can be disastrous. #1 The highest level of roofer is a storm restoration contractor. At this level, all you have to do is file the claim and send your insurance the bill. A proper storm contractor will make sure you're taken care of. Be aware of the imitators claiming to be a "insurance professional" with no actual experience adjusting claims. Marketing phrases mean little when you haven't meet with your insurance adjuster.

When our company comes in then we kick the door wide open for all of the upgrades that your policy allows. We don't leave your home in pre-loss condition, we build it better. If a contractor ever works for what your insurance allows on the first go, then your roofer is putting your roof on with a budget. Do you want it done right or do you want it done cheaply? When a contractor is placed on a budget then they typically find the cheapest way to do your roofing project. 


If you want to increase the value of your property then you have come to the right place. Unless you are versed in shingle cost, underlayment types and are ok with your insurance company reusing parts on your roof, please make sure to hire the best. 


When we leave your home you can feel confident that your home is going to be worth more then it was pre-loss. If we are working on your business then you can rest assured that we got you the best warranty for the best price. We don't build cheap to get out, we overbuild to help you out.


Transferrable warranties, rooftop upgrades, and services that increase your appraisal amount are what we are here for. If your insurance covered it all, would that help you put? 

Why Choose 24-7 Restoration & Roofing LLC?

We are not your typical construction crew. 24-7 Restoration is an organized team of professionals, here to see your restoration or construction project through to completion. Your satisfaction is of utmost priority and together we can achieve greatness. Our office is open 24-7 for emergencies and we aren't your run of the mill "chuck-in-a-truck" do it all service. We bring in professionals for each and every step of the way. If you want the best then you need someone that manages the best, thats us.


24-7 Restoration covers the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex. We are based out of Mansfield, Texas. When the homes on our side of town have a flood, fire, or hail these homeowners depend on us to restore them back to their former glory. When we see a home burnt down in Mansfield, a flood in Grand Prairie or a hail damaged commercial roof then we are walking into one more opportunity to put out ingenuity to the test.

Our Process

  1. How can we make your situation seamless?

  2. How can we reduce your stress?

  3. How can we better your home or business?

  4. What can we upgrade for you, without extra costs?

24-7 Restoration is all about overbuilding and over-delivering. 

We employ spectacular contractors while help teaching you how to manage your insurance claim. I bet you have never heard of managing your insurance claim!  Maybe you, like many other folks assume that the Allstate guy in a blue shirt came to put you "In good hands".  All of our Allstate customers can tell you otherwise.

Our company, 24-7 Restoration, has been accredited by more than 16 insurance companies as a preferred contractor. Preferred contractors are contractors who are hired indirectly by your insurance carrier. We are allowed to write preliminary estimates, document damage, and act almost as an insurance adjuster. The program seems pretty sensible in theory, but the longer we were on the programs, we came to the strong conclusion that these programs are only made to save carriers hundreds of thousands per month. We decided to move away from them. As a preferred vendor, we had access to the same information as your insurance adjuster including policy limits, coverages, and exclusions. We have full access to all adjuster notes in regards to your claim.


The programs have major flaws:

- Our professional opinion and recommendations were taken with a grain of salt.

-The programs are designed to save the carriers money. If we recommend something be replaced then it is still at the discretion of your insurance carrier to approve or make you jump through hoops to get a fair settlement. 

-Many adjusters have impartial views on claim payouts, with no previous construction experience, they are all of a sudden "construction rebuilding experts" The level of disregard some adjusters exhibited should be illegal. 


 For these reasons, we only remain active on about 4 programs to date. Our company monitors these issues on a carrier by carrier basis and by working with them, we can constantly monitor how their departments make changes. In addition, we stay in many industry professional groups where we monitor changes to carriers. 


24-7 Restoration will serve as your guide to your most beneficial insurance claim outcome. We guarantee it. 

After Installation

24-7 Restoration will give free annual inspections with photo reports sent to you and stored in our filing system. We will document, maintain, and warranty your roof for life. Prevent unnecessary disasters like the roof above and get the job done right the first time.  

Need more? Check out our best price guarantee. If you have a better price we will meet or beat their estimate. All of our jobs are written in the current building code and manufacture warranty guidelines. No fluff or Bull crap here. The best system for the best price.

Come roof with the best, call today! 682-999-8732

Integrity & Peace of Mind

In construction, the worst kind of problem that can occur is an unbudgeted problem. Imagine going to remodel your kitchen and then finding out that you have mold growing underneath your cabinets, bathroom, and floor. You are committed to this project and here come the unexpected expenses.A small leak that you thought was dry has now become a big deal. The worst part is being the person financially responsible, you.  Now let us imagine this same scenario excep the insurance company, that you have been loyally paying your insurance premium to, can take on this burden. When you have a sudden loss, you can expect 24-7 Restoration to give you the true stress-free "we will walk you through it" experience.

We had a claim recently by one of our favorite carriers, USAA (while they are expensive, 99% of the time they are well worth the cost) in this case USAA had denied their roof claim and we stepped in to help. after a few pictures, a storm map, and a well-written letter from the homeowner, that we helped draft, an adjuster was coming back out. It only took us 20 minutes onsite and boom the claim was approved and paid in full. Think of us as your construction expert witness! You wouldn't go to court without an attorney, well don't file a claim without us. Please, call us first. We will tell you honestly if its not worth filing a claim. There is no point in filing to get a zero dollar claim. Too many storm chasers and door knockers are desperate for work so they file a claim hoping to get an inexperienced adjuster to approve the claim, as many storm chasers do. If you don't need a roof we will tell you. Our time is equally as valuable as your own. 

Who We Work With

While everyone here at 24-7 Restoration  plays well with others, our clients that love us the most are property managers, facility maintenance managers, facility engineers and building owners who care about a quality roof that will last the test of time. Our clients depend on us to show them the products that they can trust. When you need an honest company to solve your problem with the least amount of hassle, then you know that you need 24-7 Restoration.   

Why Choose Restoration Roofing?

  • Manufacture Certified Installer

  • A Rating with the Better Business Bureau

  • Free written estimates

  • 24-7 Customer Service

  • Same Day Estimates

  • No excuse warranty

  • We care about our clients

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